Primal Wilderness Experience

Come get wet & wild with our intrepid ragtag bunch of Jungle-Good-Time-Guides. No, we don't drink and trek, that CAN happen after. And ok, it's just the 4 of us guiding you. Why would you need more? You can say we are small in personnel size, but rest assured, we are BIG in heart.

We'll show you a great time with the playground afforded us by mommy nature. We'll show you a little of Malaysia, warts and all. This is not packaged tourism, so don't expect the window dressing. This is all about getting your hands dirty, your feet wet, your tummy filled, your senses satiated. This is about the great outdoors.

In all seriousness, what we do can best be described as a fun and intimate introduction to the jungles of Malaysia. We see ourselves as facilitators and conduits between the urban landscape and the ethereal beauty of the jungle. We WILL give you a great Malaysian Experience.

We are here with the main aim of providing outdoor adventure daytrips to travelers, picnickers, outdoor enthusiasts, the curious and the game. And for those who wants to stray off the beaten path just a little bit. You know you want to. From jumping into crystal clear jungle pools to trekking up mossy jungles for an exhilarating view, wild river rapids tubing to technical introductions to rock and waterfall abseiling. From ambling walks in pristine jungles, to river trekking on gushing rivers. Plenty of opportunities for great Selfies. And great moments to Facebook and Instagram on a smorgasbord of action picture possibilities to satisfy the narcissist in you.

So get off your butts, shelf that damn iPad, leave the shopping malls alone. The Great Malaysian Outdoors has waited 130 million years for you……… why wait another day.

Just pick one of our PWE Unique* Tours & lets get started.